General Conference 2019

This Special General Conference of The United Methodist Church was called to engage a difficulty regarding human sexuality. There are those who claim anything other than 100% heterosexuality is "incompatible with Christian teaching" without clarity about what "teaching" is being referred to and those who, as John Wesley did in his argument againt slavery, affirm variation in sexual expression and want to work on health and unhealthy sexuality in every different orientation of it. There is a great attempt by the bishops to reorient the work of the conference from Human Sexuality to Unity of the Church. This introduces much confusion.

There will be three official Plans presented by the Way Forward Commission (One Church, Connectional Conference, Traditionalist) plus additional Plans from other groups and individuals. The One Church Plan has the support of the majority of bishops and is getting more endorsements as time goes on.

I see this plan as presenting near and long-term difficulties that will actually leave us in a more difficult spot. My critique of this plan will shed light on the other plans as well.

Your feedback is most welcome.

Wesley White

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