. . . in the middle of Life . . .
we live within a past winding down
and another future begun.
Be an advocate for the not yet.


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A Blessing

Even the most charmed life has its difficult aspects and is in need of a blessing.
Even when life is going well, an articulated blessing enhances and clarifies well being.
When life's story seems messed up, a blessing opens a way forward.

Note your situation and submit it. We will return a blessing at our earliest opportunity.

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A Scripture Comment

There have been many interpretations of the Christian Scriptures (Genesis to Revelation, including the Apocrypha) that have constricted spirits and lives. We are committed to reading and re-reading, reading the surface of words and their depths, to find an expansive and expanding perspective.

Note a Scripture that has been bedeviling you. We will return a comment reminding you of inherent belovedness.

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Intentional Interim Ministry Consultation

Like individuals in need of a blessing, congregations can get confused, depressed, disorganized, or simply off-center for any number of reasons – clergy malfeasance, disputed mission, demographic changes, death of a key leader, theological differences, and so many more. A pause and reorientation beyond their usual processes and resources is needed. During this transitional interim time an intentional process is helpful to:

  • remember past blessings
  • implement a new beginning
  • energize lay leadership
  • renew religious-tradition roots
  • prepare for new pastoral leadership

With training from the Interim Ministry Network, rostered with the United Methodist Transitional/Interim Ministry Specialists (TIMS), and 6-1/2 years of sucessful intentional transitional/interim experience in three pastoral settings, I am available for consultation regarding intentional ministry.

Note your circumstance and contact information. We will be in touch to see what can be worked out.

Form to Initiate an Intentional Transition/Interim