Interim Sermons

The following sermons relate to the five tasks of an interim pastor and to general systems theory. Some are found on the web(*) and some are basic texts of my own (the preaching of them always brings additions and deletions which change them).

I would be glad to receive references to other sermons to post here.
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Task / Theory

 Genesis 21:8-21  Triangling*  Family Systems
 Proverbs 9:1-6  Identity*  Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places
 Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21  Visioning the Future*  Building Shared Vision
 Matthew 7:1-12  Learning Organizations*  So What Did You Learn?
 Matthew 7:13-29  Mental Models*  Changing Mental Models:
 Jesus' Building Code
 Mark 1:9-15  Identity  Marked by Love
 Mark 1:14-20  Lay Leadership  Gathering Disciples:
Then & Now
 Mark 2:1-12  Healing  Bring Someone to Christ
 Mark 2:2-9  Identity  Me:Jesus:Moses:Eve:Light
 Mark 8:31-38  Visioning the Future  Take up your cross -
  Invest in the Future
 Luke 13:31-35   Identity*  Are you a Fox or a Hen?
 Luke 20:27-38  Identity*  There's More to Life
 John 10:11-18 Self-diferentiation  I Can Choose
 John 12:20-33  Denominational  Jesus as a Grain of Wheat
 John 13:31-35  History/Identity  Zealous Love
 John 15:9-17  Worship Change  Open hearts, open minds, open doors
 Acts 7:51-60  Visioning the Future*  The Journey that Is Always
 Acts 17:16-34  Visioning the Future*  Your Ultimate Concern
 1 Corinthians 8:1-13  Triangling  Caring for One Another
 James 5:7-11  Visioning the Future*  Shape of Things to Come
 1 Peter 2:2-10  History/Identity*  The Good Race
 Series on Acts    
 Acts 1:1-11    Learn of Jesus and Act
 Acts 1:12-26    New Leadership with One Accord
 Acts 2:1-12    Unity: Speaking and Listening
Acts 2:14-41 A Vision of Forgiveness
Acts 2:41-47 Church
Acts 3:1-10 What Do You Have to Give
Acts 4:18-35 Sharing - A Third Pentecost
Acts 5:1-16 The Importance of Integrity
Acts 6:1-7 Expanding Leadership