Sermon Preparation -
November 26, 1998

Thanksgiving Day

John 6:25-35

[The people who experienced the feeding of 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish] found Jesus on the west side of the lake and asked, "Rabbi, when did you get here?"

Jesus answered, "I tell you for certain that you are not looking for me because you saw the miracles, but because you ate all the food you wanted. Don't work for food that spoils. Work for food that gives eternal life. The Son of Man will give you this food, because God the Father has given him the right to do so."

"What exactly does God want us to do?" the people asked.

Jesus answered, "God wants you to have faith in the one he sent."

They replied, "What miracle will you work, so that we can have faith in you? What will you do? For example, when our ancestors were in the desert, they were given manna to eat. It happened just as the Scriptures say, 'God gave them bread from heaven to eat.'"

Jesus then told them, "I tell you for certain that Moses wasn't the one who gave you bread from heaven. My Father is the one who gives you the true bread from heaven. And the bread that God gives is the one who came down from heaven to give life to the world."

The people said, "Lord, give us this bread and don't ever stop!"

Jesus replied: "I am the bread that gives life! No one who comes to me will ever be hungry. No one who has faith in me will ever be thirsty...."


1. How many different ways are you fed physically, emotionally, intellectually, relationally? There are many confusions available when we talk about being fed. Check out Overeaters Anonymous.

2. How do you image being fed most deeply and longly? This is probably a clue about what needs to change in your life.

3. Thanks can appropriately be given for this clue of where we are being starved. Can you ask for help to be fed deeply and can you help others identify and feed deeply in the area wherein they are starving. The truth is that there is great plenty available, enough for all the deep needs. This day of Thanksgiving is not just about enough food, it is about plenteous food and sharing food. Today you will be most thankful for finally identifying your true hunger and following where it leads.
     May you listen to the clue given to you and receive the strength and courage to do something about it.

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