May 28, 2000

John 15:9-17 (CEV)

I have loved you, just as my Father has loved me. So remain faithful to my love for you. If you obey me, I will keep loving you, just as my Father keeps loving me, because I have obeyed him.

I have told you this to make you as completely happy as I am. Now I tell you to love each other, as I have loved you. The greatest way to show love for friends is to die for them. And you are my friends, if you obey me. Servants don't know what their master is doing, and so I don't speak to you as my servants. I speak to you as my friends, and I have told you everything that my Father has told me.

You did not choose me. I chose you and sent you out to produce fruit, the kind of fruit that will last. Then my Father will give you whatever you ask for in my name. So I command you to love each other.


1. A key question: "How have you experienced being loved?"

2. It is out of this that we share love with others. There is a lot of conditional love talk here but the key, all the way through, is the key question: "How have you experienced being loved?"

3. An alternative phrasing of the key question is: "How have you experienced being chosen?"

In these two phrasing we find bed-rock questions which shape our lives. May you continue to grow in your experience of being loved and chosen. May you then love and choose in like manner.

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