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Reading Rewrites Mark's Gospel

A Verse-By-Verse Journey

Cover for Reading Rewrites Mark's Gospel

     The act of reading is a present encounter with a written text that results in some degree of rewriting or editing of the original. This dynamic is important to traditional texts and their ability to affect the present circumstance of the Reader. The Gospel of Mark has been constrained by currently acceptable understandings of whatever "church" uses it as part of its doctrinal base. Such constraint limits the spiritual liveliness of the text itself. 

    "Reading Rewrites Mark's Gospel" is a slow journey into the wilderness that shaped Jesus and moves from an initial political/military use of "good news" and "son of god" to a response to the wilderness of betrayal and death back to the everyday life of one finally named "Jesus of Nazareth" in his everyday of  “Galilee".

     Readers are led to a process of daily engagement with Mark's language that it might echo again as a source of changed heart and behavior. Readers also encounter an attempt at word art by the author as encouragement to also shift their reading into the art form they are most attuned to.

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Fun Fact: Mark's Gospel has 666 verses. Admittedly some are reduced to a footnote in some translations because of their questionable nature, but they still count.

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