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Slow-Reading the Gospel of Mark

Cover for Slow-Reading the Gospel of Mark

In a world caught in an ever-accelerating cycle of news based on an ephemeral tweet coming from hither as well as thither—our heads spin until our hearts become withered, untethered, and ancient unclean spirits come to make their home. In such a world, a retreat to wilderness brings a focus on what is important to us. Here, in a strange setting, we find our hearts steadied, minds calmed, and our life reconnected with our old friends—Mercy, Joy, and Mystery. One journey to a "deep heart's core", from whence to return, follows the practice of slow-reading that allows sufficient space to suspend our disbelief in the press of time and space. This book uses an overly-familiar Jesus story told by an ancient writer to practice the skill of attending to wee words differently arranged. Such attention can spark a commitment to the impossibilities that include unexplainable Healings, Forgiveness, and Rising from the whirlpool around us to stand anew upon an assurance of Belovedness shared with all of creation.

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