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Nothing About Us Without Us

Cover of Nothing About Us Without Us

This resource uses the critical, analytical writings of the United Methodist direct action group Love Prevails to critique the theorizing of missio Dei as a meaningful concept to address the United Methodist Church’s (UMC) ecclesiological crisis related to the categorical discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) persons. Rev. Dr. Todd uses a liberationist methodology that emphasizes the experience, action, and reflection of LGBTQ persons themselves—those most impacted by the violence of the UMC’s anti-queer institutional policies and practices. The author argues against the prioritizing of the theological abstraction of missiology-as-unity over against the practice and pursuit of equality and justice for LGBTQ persons as a central “missional” demand. This paper supports, therefore, the removal of all anti-LGBTQ language in The United Methodist Book of Discipline as the primary missional activity necessary to enable a United Methodist witness to the love of God in Christ in any local, national, or global context.

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