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Wrestling Year A

Connecting Sunday Readings with Lived Experience

Cover for Wrestling Year A

Every Lection from Year A of the Common Revised Lectionary has a one-page response. The pericopes are arranged according to their location in the Bible.

This book is suitable for individual spiritual growth through devotional or meditational reading. Each page contains a Scripture reference and comments. There are 370 entries, more than enough for a year at one a day. The book could also be used in a study group setting. Preachers will also find insights into connections with contemporary events and encouragement to stretch traditional approaches to sermons.

Each page grew out of an almost lectio divina process I have used for practical matters such as sermon development and for simply listening to the music of the spheres. Every attempt to use the limits of language to describe a significant moment of life falls short. Every scripture and creed contains a cry for liberation from constraints we place upon it to freeze its meaning for all time.

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