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Interim Sermons

The following sermons relate to the five tasks of an interim pastor and to general systems theory. These are basic texts of my own used in intentional interim settings. The preaching always brings additions and deletions which change them -- imagine them far better than they look here).

I would be glad to receive references to other sermons to post here.
Send your suggestions.



Task / Theory

 Mark 1:9-15  Identity  Marked by Love
 Mark 1:14-20  Lay Leadership  Gathering Disciples:
Then & Now
 Mark 2:1-12  Healing  Bring Someone to Christ
 Mark 2:2-9  Identity  Me:Jesus:Moses:Eve:Light
 Mark 8:31-38  Visioning the Future  Take up your cross -
  Invest in the Future
 John 10:11-18 Self-diferentiation  I Can Choose
 John 12:20-33  Denominational  Jesus as a Grain of Wheat
 John 13:31-35  History/Identity  Zealous Love
 John 15:9-17  Worship Change  Open hearts, open minds, open doors
 1 Corinthians 8:1-13  Triangling  Caring for One Another
 Series on Acts    
 Acts 1:1-11     Learn of Jesus and Act
 Acts 1:12-26     New Leadership with One Accord
 Acts 2:1-12     Unity: Speaking and Listening
 Acts 2:14-41   A Vision of Forgiveness
 Acts 2:41-47   Church
 Acts 3:1-10   What Do You Have to Give
 Acts 4:18-35   Sharing - A Third Pentecost
 Acts 5:1-16   The Importance of Integrity
 Acts 6:1-7   Expanding Leadership